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I never know this area where my family in Barcelona lives. I have been to the same area since 2005, they just basically moved building. Since I have been visiting them, the place has become better. My cousin wanted us to visit a place where you can basically chill, exercise and just look at the

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Leaving 2019 behind..

..and making better choices 2020. I found a few good question to ask ourselves at this time. I don’t know why we need to wait for a new year to start so we can change? It feels silly actually but that is how things are, right? Anyhow, I will briefly respond myself to these questions

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NEW READ | The subtle art of not giving a f*ck

The subtle art of not giving a fuck – A counter intuitive approach to living a good life. I have bought so many books lately, I love books that make you think a little but further. A book that makes you laugh, feelings that comes by reading a certain sentence. I think reading is a

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