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Easy to become lazy during these days, but I have managed to be active and work out every time my moods go up. I took a walk to the store, and to be honest why was there such a big stress for food? The stores are restocked and perfectly full of food. The unnecessary stress

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How are you guys holding on? I’m doing SOOO much at home. My WFH period started last week Thursday, I haven’t interacted with any other soul apart from people in the area, IF. I have created better routine, and I sleep like a baby. No need to wake up earlier to get to work, just

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Working from home is not really glam, it is harder because not all the software are compatible with my Mac and yariyariyari. Long, and our little desk we have created at home is not ideal. I don’t understand how Craig can sit here for hours studying, I just can’t even sit down and work and

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