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Boiler Room | Yxng Bane

Fridaaaay. I could not be more happy to have Friday here, I’m literally so tired from the week and also from yesterday. Craig and I met Kim and Lovisa yesterday and attended Boiler Room. I have never been in one of their events before so I was really happy when I got the guestlist. I thought,

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Moooonday! Did you all have a good weekend? Plenty of good sleep? I had a genuine good weekend, I literally spent it all with Craig. Friday we met up for some exhibition in Chelsea but ended up buying Ben’s cookies and ice cream instead. Was it yummy? Yes! Did I get indigestion, heartburn and bloated?

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Notting Hill 2018 | Carnival

A bunch of pictures from the carnival this year. I only went on Monday and did not even move from my bed on Sunday. I couldn’t, I was too hangover and it lasted the whole entire day. We left for the carnival pretty late but did enjoy the last hours very well. We ended up

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