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Birthday Celebrations

Age is just a number and it is, apart from the age of your cells. We could possible slow down what does ages us, with a more healthier approach to life in all aspects. I believe. I feel wiser but not older, I think I have reach or I’m on the path where I always

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How spiritual healthy are you?

I often ask myself that question, especially after I have had my darkest moments. I seem to get stuck in my dark moments very often but for short time. I have become aware of the thoughts and how things affect me. And what affects me negatively, as I’m a person that is so sensitive to

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Gratitude | Vital for abundance

I know that I’m going on all about being spiritual and respect yourself, a lot about self-care and self-love. I think it is needed in our world, remind each other of the greatness this earth still has. Remind ourselves that we are here for a purpose, not to only survive. Take our existence to another

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