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Bread, just good bread.

What a wweeeekend. On Saturday I woke up and I was so tired, wow I felt like the weather but wanted to be indoors. Which I did. I stayed indoors all day, ate food and just stayed at home with my homeboy lol. I also watched the second season of “always a witch”, and finished

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Marine Collagen | Review

I thought I share this product with you guys. I first bought it because my joints and ligaments have been aching lately, since I had my knee injured the problems have come and come. Oh well not problems but discomfort. I researched first for what I could take apart from calcium, vitamin D and magnesium.

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Protein and Carbs (and fats)

How are we today, this sunny Friday? I’m exhausted and I have period cramps (bad ones), but apart from that I feel quite good. I feel new but at the same I know that there are some things I’m trying to figure out. Life is good, I mean there are so many good things I

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