These two memes above are extremely disturbing. I don’t like anyone talking bad about females or trash talk our gender like it was a minor?
I’m not the typical female that laughs at males jokes about women; I will just stare at you and judge you and think you are a dick. I’m a woman and I do my best to respect my fellow humans equally. I don’t understand how this whole extreme habit of belittling females, how it has become even huge than it was before?

They get angry when they don’t get their will through, and I have many examples of that and usually slap it on peoples face because ffs sort you out. If females behave the way you guys do, fucking hell – we get judge from all different angles there are.  
It is 2019 and the mentality of many surprises me, we are still getting demand by cave men to do this and that?

Although, don’t get me wrong – I’m not gonna try to fight with my all soul to change these men. We would just have to find other ways to get what we want in life. We need to find other ways and not let men demand and dictate what we should do and what we shouldn’t do.

I’m trying to ask myself if I’m the one being too sensitive, yes I want to say that I’m very much so but I have also remained quite in many occasions to just analyse the situation and see if I’m exaggerating. Reality is that I’m not exaggerating and men are crossing boundaries.

Examples of crossing boundaries

One engineers in the last building I was working, he asked me if I wanted to spoon with him? He was practical new at the office, so why even feel so comfortable? He did not even thought about being respectful or asking me my name. In situations like this, I’m asking myself is it because I’m black and he doesn’t give to flying fucks or is he just belittling my whole gender? As a black woman, we think about all possible ways. Not react has been my go-to but still hard to not react when people cross boundaries.

Second example was one of the security men; he slapped me on my bum. When I asked him: what the fuck? Don’t do that. He even excuses himself and said: oh dear it was the back on my hand? I was so baffled and thought WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? None of your bloody flesh should touch me or be near me without me asking for it.

Third example is old; I think I have mentioned it previously.
I’m leaving a club in Sweden – Stockholm, wearing a short black dress with a coat on. I’m walking up for the escalators, and I feel a hand grabbing my pussy like our dearest Donald Trump told them to. Obv, this was way before but same mentality. In this example, there are two happenings.
After this twat did that, I literally run crying to my boyfriend back then. He didn’t even react, he thought I was overreacting? So this is what men think of women, we are overreacting. Our feelings are not being considered, only theirs. Only their time, wages, job, life, etc is important.

Fourth example was recently at work.
It is all about them, they are all men.
Yesterday, I was sitting by my desk and all of the sudden the lights were super bright. The reason to my glasses is because I have extremely sensitive eyes to lights. The only light that is good for me is the natural one, but too much brightness in an office is too much mate. Anyhow, I quietly said ahh my eyes hurt because it is too bright. I got back: shown two fingers and a comment with: up yours? This is what a grown ass man said to me. We are in a working environment and this is the way certain men talk. I’m not the only person these men try to belittle with their jokes, if you are a woman with principles that kills them and they will try to do everything to belittle you even more. Have in mind that these men, they are extremely insecure and there are not many men that respect females the way we should be respected but there are a few who still appreciates us and want us the best.

Fifth example, but how females ditch each other.
When I was younger I used to be a bit fussy with certain things, I was all over the place but was very shy in many things. I wasn’t as crazy as people made me look like. I didn’t take disrespectful jokes as good as the others, today I joke about everything with me BUT that doesn’t mean I GIVE YOU PERMISSION to joke. Have that in mind.
Anyhow, female friends used to tell me to not mind it, “aah maria it is a joke”. How many rude jokes about your own gender do you have to hear until you raise your voice?

I don’t get these types of females. I don’t understand females that sit there and say: FEMALE EMPOWERMENT but you still judge another woman you barely know? You still hold your phone and scroll through and compare yourself – you still troll on other people’s business.
I don’t like you and you aren’t empowering anyone.

Reality is that females wont win as easily, we need both genders in order to grow our population, expand our genes, new generations etc. We need both genders. No doubt.
How do we do with this issue? I mean do we report when things like this happens? But when you report things, even the females are scared and say: oh well, it wasn’t that bad? Well, in that case we should normalize everything men do to women? Well, staying at home with the kids (believe me I’m overprotective and I will stay at home because it is my choice), not having a free time, a wife should cook, etc etc. I know we are more caring them men when it comes to our children, not all but majority.

We are expected to do so much, to take so much, to be strong, to be the weakest, to be classy, to not do this and that. Really?
I’m actually upset because I see this daily, and people go blindfolded instead of speaking up. By being silent, you allow them to do whatever they like. We actually are saying it is ok, you can behave like a dick but because I’m a woman I wont say anything. Great.

Be aware of the men you have around you, be aware of the females supporting men that take advantage of you being a female. No one should be abused in any way, male or female. I actually respect people equally, and of course will always have the back of my females. I’m being bias but I’m also logical and respectful.

The two memes above are disturbing because this is what males expect from females. Have it done and ready without being exclusive (and even if we are exclusive). And the worse thing is that men who have the time to demand this from women, they are the ones with less to offer.

On top of that, with the second meme. Where men talk about girls feet, okey you don’t scare us. Females talk about your hygiene, size, shoes, height, hair, breath etc etc. We roast you more than you think. The only way to get it back? Lol don’t get it twisted men, we females have our own ways of cussing you. We just don’t broadcast it out to the whole social media and let others laugh of the imperfections of us females. The difference between females and males. Caring was the worth. Considered was the other word. Empathy is what we give you. Are our females being considered the same way? Are we being listened without being belittled or blamed for being extra?

I struggle a lot and I’m not gonna lie. I’m tooo honest about my feelings and I hate pisstaking. I did struggle a lot in one office with one male. He talked to me like I was his forgotten daughter. I’m nice and I don’t like to make people feel bad, or at least what I think about myself. Someone might have different opinion.

Anyhow he talked to me so rude and I was like it is enough. I literally went hard and say don’t talk to me like that. I saw other females laughing at their jokes, obviously making their life easier by agreeing. I get that but I don’t do that. There are times when I’m quite and think: please don’t let me burst of anger because people are belittling us women.

I won’t be able to win with people, specially not men. I’m not talking bad about men, I’m with one and he is decent enough hahaha. Don’t get me wrong regardless a man loving you and respecting you, he will still at some point same some shit silly things that in his man world is normal. Or maybe just not a biggie.

I don’t put myself in a position to fight any men, hahaha no I ignore or just say don’t talk to me like that. I think that is enough from me. I don’t have to explain for a man how wrong what he is saying is. They know, they are aware, they are not stupid – they pretend to be stupid. I don’t say hi to them and I ignore them. There is no point to give them your time if they behave like idiots to you and your gender. We females shouldn’t spend time smiling or feeling scared of men. Stop with that. I have always been a person that when someone does me wrong, I ignore so religiously that I will probs make you doubt your own existence. Easy.

Now females, don’t let any man speak to however. Young females don’t let a man demand what you should do in bed, or how you should be. Women, we need to start having boundaries. We can’t let men disrespect us like that, in all kinds of ways. Be firm and let them know that – a report will be sent.

Men need to stop being so comfortable and continuing with the disrespectful approach they have to us.

How much more do we need to protect ourselves daily? How much fear do we have to walk with every night? How much less money do we have to earn for a change to happen? How many more rape reports do we have to report in order for a change? How much more so we can be taken seriously when shit happens to us?


Why is it hard to be nice to your own gender?

Is it me or have we females completely lost it?
I work in an office with both genders and I rather be more nice to the females than the men, because well you always try to empower and protect what is related to you right? I’m a female and it feels bad to be nicer to men than women. Although, this is something that females do ALL THE TIME. I might have to be rude and say this but: we don’t have to please men outside the bed as well.

I have always had problems with insecure females, always. I try to be me and a good friend, a good stranger when I met new people but I cannot stand insecure females that let their insecurity SHINE all over them. I get WELL along strong females, the ones that aren’t afraid to lift you up and lift themselves up. They aren’t intimidated by your beauty, by your success, by your good relationships, they are just as happy as you are because they are happy with themselves. I have found them and I love my fellow females, we lift each other up but the reason why I wanted to share my thoughts about this is: I work in an office and I’m the one being all over the females, I take them first but something baffled me the other day. These females at work, some are just…O M G! They smile bigger than big to the men, but to the females they are just like: mm hi. Okey, I’m sorry I don’t have a penis you can play with. I found females like that very disturbing, I think we are being wrong asking men to treat us well, when we can’t even treat each other right.

Not all the females are like that, but I have had so many experience with insecure women that I needed to lift this subject again. We won’t be able to create a better world for us females if we continue to damage each other with jealousy, back stabbing, taking each other’s boyfriends, talk bad and revenge. It doesn’t work like that, and the outcome of all the insecurities from us isn’t gonna help us to move forward with what we want. I know that a genuine and happy soul goes all the way, a helpful person goes a long way, those who hurt and revenge…. Well I don’t know about you.

With that being said, we ask so much from others but we cannot give without feeling like we are doing a favor to others. No, we are nice because we want to create a better world. I’m nice and try to keep peace within myself because I believe that we are mirrors. It sounds cliche and people do as you do. If you give me inspiration and support, my soul will automatically give you the same. No question about it, but I also give even though people don’t give back. Reason is because I respect human beings. Until you do me wrong, I love you as a human being and I respect you. Walk on my toes or try to destroy me, respect will never be gained again. Lost, finito, done, never again. When females are being consciously mean because they think that they are better, WE CANNOT INTERACT!

I’m not a massive fan of men, well it sounds really weird but I usually find them very annoying (not all of you). The think they are right, only their fake flu is the one to think about, only they can do shit things, they are kings if they sleep with too many women, but females are sluts. So no, I disagree with men plenty of times. I don’t think contraceptive should only be used by the female, share the symptoms of dealing with discomfort. I mean, I will raise this issue another time before it gets too long.

Anyhow, praising another female or telling them how good they are won’t destroy you. A genuine female, Gosh for me you are beautiful. I want to be near you all the time. My biggest crush on females is when they are like you, they are strong and empower you back, inspire you, they are not afraid to tell you what they think but they also think of your well-being as a human, they respect you and they want to see you happy. Why can’t we just be more like that? Why do we have to scroll up&down our feeds on Instagram and as soon as we see a picture of another female, we just scroll down and roll our eyes? I have seen it and I know people might do it to my pictures or think I’m just too much. I don’t care, it is your insecurities but don’t let them eat you alive. If I don’t fancy following someone, I remove them. EASY AND DONE. We don’t have to like every person in this world, but just because we don’t like them we don’t have to be nasty (why I’m saying this is also because I once was angry because I felt backstabbed in all the ways from previous friends but realised that no there is no point trying to revenge they mean nothing more than just old friends). We don’t have to trash talk people, we don’t have to revenge. I guess, me being this way scared a lot of females because they don’t know how to be, they think too much of how to be liked by others meanwhile I’m thinking: HOW CAN I LOVE MYSELF much more and more? How can I create a better self and inspire others to do so? I’m not saying I’m a saint, or that I don’t have insecurities. Yes, I have plenty but I try not to let them demand how I carry myself around people. And it isn’t a point trying to be nice when you actually don’t feel like it or have something against someone. Move away, leave, or just stop pretending.

I have had PLENTY of experiences with girls being cheeky, from roommates talking about my business to others, etc. I don’t excuse their behaviour, I just forgive myself for even giving them a tiny bit to snack on of my life. Be careful who you tell your secrets to, some people do not want your best. Some people aren’t interested in how you feel, they are just with you sometimes because you have something they want have close to them.

I like to speak about experiences and I know that a lot of people can relate, we are not alone in our struggle. We all deal with it, some better, some worse, some hide it very well, but we all do suffer. Life is like that, but just because we suffer inside of us. Why are we letting our pain bodies’ demand and be nasty? Nobody is responsible for your shitty life. Nobody told you or has forced you to live the life you live. We shouldn’t take blames and disrespectful behaviors from others for no reason. We need to take responsibility now and if we want women to have more power, support your own gender.

Supporting other females shows just that you know what self care is, you take care of yourself and others. Be mindful.

I tried to find pictures of my friends but… here is a picture of me meanwhile I get some good ones.