Better day

I came back home to London happy but went low as soon as Tuesday came. I wasn’t feeling London and was missing my family way too much already. Was extremely strict and just bothered at work, couldn’t be asked. Just leave me type of mode, my type of mode way too often. I think I became a more silence rebel the older I got now… if it doesn’t suit you I won’t chase you… bye, hejdå, hasta luego, arrivederci, au revoir, farvel, sayonara, and all the other languages I can’t. I felt like that yesterday, but today my compassion care back and my smile as well.

Wednesday was better and I managed to go to a booty class with my friend Noelle after work. And during work I went to stretch my body at the Flexology studio in Canary Wharf. I wanted my neck a little bit stretch and my chest as well. I addicted to stretching and mix it with meditation as I’m practicing my breathing. I still suck at breathing properly, kmt.

This week though, seems quite alright. Despite my mood and my arrogant behaviour – my life is going forward – I’m going forward. That is the most important part for me in my life, be better than yesterday mentally. I don’t know but for me it has felt like my life just started, the more I love myself the more great episodes of my life I enjoy more.

Wednesday I was wearing my fav boots from Mango. I got them second hand and they are my beauties. Dress is from a polish brand called Reversed? I buy so much less nowadays, I recycle sooo much. Bought a warm and thick sheep skin coat for £30 and everyone at work and everywhere is like wow. Same with the boots, conscious buy.

Anyone else equally obsessed with sun dried tomatoes like me? I just love it. So many new foods that I starting to love more and more. It is packed with so much good, such as vitamin C and K. Vitamin K is beneficial for us females, also good during pregnancy. Sun dried tomatoes contributes with 19 percent of your daily intake. And I think 25g protein? Sun dried tomatoes work so good along side roasted veg and dip. I ate it yesterday and it was banging. I’m trying to find more vegan foods without tofu (soy), chickpeas and beans. I’m not for soy that much or ever, and it is not that great for you either. Oh well depends, maybe if it is more biodynamic.

That was my Wednesday.

New shoes

If there is something I don’t spent much money on, it is materialistic stuff. I’m cheap with shopping, like proper cheap. I spend money on food and going out on dates. And coffee, unfortunately.

I bought these pair for £45 on sale at JD Sports. Is it just me but is even £45 too much? I just casually wait for expensive shoes to be bought as present. Birthday next week, Trainers babe? Hahaha

I actually like them, or was it the price that made them more attractive? Hahaha, when everything is nicer when the price is cheap.

I wonder when I buy the next pair? The only trainers that I have ever wanted: Balenciaga. Although, as cheap as I’m with shoes and clothing…. hmmm might have to be a birthday present lol. Omg high demands. Poor Craig.

Jamaica here we come..

Hi Guys,

Happy Monday.

The weekend passes so quickly, I did not do much at all. I’m like that and I’m never stress in order to do something extra on the weekends. I like to feel doing something but nothing major at all. The biggest highlight of this weekend was that…WE BOOKED OUR TICKETS TO JAMAICA!
I’m so excited to visit Jamaica, and this time it looks like we are a big group. We are going with another couple, but I think a few other people will come as well. Aaahh can’t wait. At least one of the big trips planed and paid. Next is Ecuador which I’m doing a month after coming back from Jamaica. Did I say save this year? Haha, booking in advance is a way of saving I guess?

Apart from booking our tickets to Jamaica, we also visited Ikea for some bits and pieces we needed. And chocolate, yes it is that time of the month again. Seems like Craig is joining it as well, he ate the whole chocolate bar. I never care about sweets unless it’s that time of the month.

What was I wearing? I felt for having my new shoes my boyfriend gave me (I LOVE THEM SO MUCH). They are from Topshop, my faux fur is from River Island (I need to stop using so much), jeans are from GAP called 360, jumper and gloves from Primani.

That was my weekend, and Sunday was a good day. The way we managed everything. I woke up and started to take care of the laundry and tidy up, went to grab some lunch, visited Ikea, by the time I got back home I was hungry again so I made some dinner and we literally chilled the whole night after that. Early and relaxed. Apart from me having hard to maintain my sleep, kept on waking up all the time. Warm? Cold? Itchy? Backpain? I don’t know.