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Feeling defeated

When your ego is hurt. I’m not a person that needs to be right, I’m not necessarily stubborn or want my ego to get its way all the time. I usually don’t let my ego demand much of my life (or I try). It wants to invite itself to my daily life everyday but I

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SKY – beaaaut

How beautiful was the sky yesterday morning? It was ridiculous. I went to work early and I was so amazed, couldn’t stop watching it. It was beaaaaut. I love the colors of the sky and yesterday was unbelievable. I think everyone dropped their jaws. I had to film it because I wanted to just capture

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Sunday ChillDay

Sunday has been so chilled for me. I woke up so late, it has been very stuffy in the air lately or well these last couples of days. I have been catching up with sleep during the weekends, and even then I’m doing things apart from today. I want to say I haven’t done anything

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