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On Tuesday during my lunch break I booked myself for a stretching. I needed to have some proper stretch with someone that knows more about the body’s anatomy than myself. I booked 15 minutes but you can also choose 25 minutes. I had a lady and was very happy with her, her name is Tamara

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There is so much I have been wanting to do, and money has been my biggest excuse. I started my degree (expensive as fxxx) and I thought I will continue but I waited to long so I needed to pay an additional fee in order to continue and yeah it all felt really hard. I

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Marine Collagen | Review

I thought I share this product with you guys. I first bought it because my joints and ligaments have been aching lately, since I had my knee injured the problems have come and come. Oh well not problems but discomfort. I researched first for what I could take apart from calcium, vitamin D and magnesium.

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