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Today’s fit

In love with my new trousers. I love the shape and the pattern. Everything. They are comfortable and can be worn with heels. These pair are for work, I need to buy more work outfits – less slutty I mean haha. Top from Zara and trousers from boohoo.

Work Work Work

Mondays can be pretty quiet at work, but now entering the autumn can be a lot and certain people go on holiday after the “holidays” so it gets busier for some reason. I never really liked to tell people what I’m working with. I think that is personal and my job isn’t really who I’m.

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Authentic | Be yourself

Life can be hard on us. We can be hard on our selves so many times and we don’t really see it. Self-awareness is so important. I think that in order to be as authentic as you want to be, you also need to create some sort of self-awareness. I’m saying this to myself because

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